Risky Rum

Taking a risk deserves a reward. That's the origin of Risky Rum. Made with dark brown sugar and blackstrap molasses, this white rum has a distinctive taste that's delicious to sip and incredible to mix. Hints of butterscotch and toffee on the nose and a smooth, buttery mouth feel will keep you coming back for more. 40% ABV

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Dew Point Rum

All that glitters is gold...is a line I once heard on the radio. And this golden rum is no exception. Made with the same blackstrap molasses and dark brown sugar mash as our Risky Rum, Dew Point Rum spends a little time with charred oak to achieve it's golden color.  With notes of vanilla and caramel and bottled at 50% ABV, this golden rum will soon become your favorite.

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Popi's Finest Rum

This handsome devil is named after Dan's Great-Grandfather, Henry "Popi" McAvoy. Barrel aging has given this rum incredible characteristics including notes of salted caramel and dark chocolate, with a rounded mouth feel and a slightly herbal finish. 50% ABV

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Restless Rye Whisky

Introducing Restless Rye Whisky. This 100% rye whisky is made with all Maryland grain grown at our friends farm just 20 minutes away from the distillery. We then take that grain to a water wheel powered grist mill from the 1800's before we bring it back to our facility. Then we use our modified mash tun/still to turn this into one extremely drinkable white whisky. With notes of fresh bread and burnt sugar on the nose, a smooth clean mouthfeel with a great black pepper spice at the end, you'll want to drink this with just a cube of ice or mix to make your favorite whisky drink! 45% ABV

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Diametric Rye

Starting with the same locally sourced, 100% rye grain mash bill, Diametric Rye is markedly different through an oak infusion for 2 months. The result is a beautiful amber color and notes of caramel and black pepper. Bottled at 100 proof allows you to drink this spirit neat, with an ice cube, or mixed in your favorite rye cocktail. 50% ABV

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Gertrude's 100% Rye Whisky

This beauty is named after Dan's grandmother, the rye-drinking, cigar-smoking, matriarch on his mother's side. Aged in charred white American oak barrels (the whisky, not the grandmother), this high rye whisky has a rounded mouthfeel with hints of strawberry and black pepper, and a maple jam finish. She's quite the looker, isn't she? 50% ABV


Virtuous Vodka

Who says clear spirits can't be colorful? We've given our labels a special addition with the artwork of Ed Becker @ Be Dot Gallery. As if that weren't enough to inspire you to add Virtuous Vodka to your home bar, the remarkably smooth taste will win you over. We distill this vodka through three separate distillations on site in order to achieve the purest spirit around. 40% ABV

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Gregarious Gin

Refreshing and "friendly," this American-style gin is made from a molasses base, then vapor infused with six botanicals. The resulting taste is sweet, citrusy, and slightly woody. And to make it even more fun loving, we have partnered with the artwork of Ed Becker @ Be Dot Gallery to really make this gin stand out from the rest. 40% ABV

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Dan McNeill

After 8 years in campaigns and political events, Dan was tired of stump speeches and photo ops. He felt the desire to make something real.

At first, he didn’t know what it would be. And then, one fateful day, Dan had an epiphany. In a place where many others have had an epiphany, at the bottom of whisky glass. Dan would create spirits.

After years of in-depth research (by the book and by the glass), hands-on course work, and discussions with industry experts, MISCellaneous Distillery was born.

Dan’s passion for distilling is inspired by the old Maryland craft traditions and the new traditions that he and others will shape. His true mark of success is creating a spirit that is enjoyed by those who drink what they like, and not what they’re supposed to drink.


Meg MacWhirter

Meg’s first exposure to small batch distilling was in the Caribbean, one of the spots where she has worked on international development projects. As a Peace Corps volunteer in Mount Airy, Grenada (coincidence or destiny?), she worked with community organizations, and also enjoyed the distinctive local rum.

As MISCellaneous Distillery was founded, Meg was inspired by the camaraderie of the spirits industry. Instead of a competitive market, she saw a group faced with shared challenges that chose to solve them together. She wanted part of the action.

Meg’s penchant for collaboration goes beyond interactions with others in the industry. She loves to get others involved, bringing together ideas and inputs to create something to be proud of.

Meg knows there is no finer time than the present to be making craft spirits, especially in Maryland.


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